Zatti Arredamenti was founded in 1965.
The company with its headquarters in Piove di Sacco, Padua (Italy) is about 20 km from Venice. Since its foundation Zatti Arredamenti has only been dealing with the manufacture of special custom-made furniture and fittings for prestigious public and residential buildings.

Right from the start Zatti Arredamenti has been characterised by a strong craftsmanship that has been consolidated over the years up to reaching the current structure and organisation of a company that can expertly manage high quality, demanding and prestigious commissions both from within the national territory and abroad.

Today Zatti Arredamenti is capable of operating in various fields ranging from furniture and fittings for hotels, restaurants and shops in general, up to supplying furniture in the field of ship building with important and consolidated co-operations with the most prestigious international shipbuilders.

Zatti Arredamenti is more and more required to carry out turnkey commissions thus dealing with various fields like flooring, painting and hanging ceilings, electrical systems, plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, curtain walling, and lighting devices.

Zatti Arredamenti has an internal technical-executive design staff that make it the ideal partner to many of the most prestigious Architecture and Interior Design Practices, even abroad if you consider that a good number of its technical and management staff can speak the main foreign languages (English, French and German).

In line with its philosophy the company has always privileged internal capacity to manufacture, even against the trend of an era of globalisation as it is now. This is why the owner decided to invest in the recent 3000 sqm production structure (inaugurated in 2003) and in last generation equipment and machineries to work on wood, metal and plastic materials. This equipment combines with excellent techniques and craftsmanship that have always been in the company's bag of expertise.

Direct supervision on what is produced and installed and the quality that is obtained by using only internal personnel has always been a source of pride for Zatti Arredamenti.

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